Working Group 3

Methods for impact evaluation

Group Coordinators: Nicolas Antoine-Moussiaux / Marion Bordier

Working Group 3 focusses on the impacts of integrated surveillance of AMR (and AMU) with the aim of proposing methodological strategies for their evaluation. The group will first identify and characterize the various possible impacts, both tangible and non-tangible. Then, indicators and associated measurement methods for their evaluation will be identified.

The group will then focus on developing further evaluation methods for specific impacts, mainly intermediate impacts that are rarely addressed. To this end, several studies will be carried out with the help of Master and PhD students. In Belgium, two studies will be conducted: one on the evaluation of the user-based value of the information produced by an integrated surveillance system, and the other on the evaluation of the collaborative capacities generated by the operation of an integrated surveillance system. In France, Lucie Collineau will work on evaluating the impact of collaborations in the French surveillance system using multi-criteria analysis. The group will also apply the evaluation framework developed by Sarah Mediouni for the evaluation of the integrated surveillance system for AMR in Canada, and the economic evaluation framework of Maurizio Aragrande using costing methods to ascertain the added value of integration in surveillance.

Finally, the evaluation methods developed will be proposed to Working Group 4 for application in other concrete case studies and will be integrated in to the CoEvalAMR guidance.