Welcome to CoEval-AMR

Convergence in evaluation frameworks for integrated surveillance of AMR

An integrated approach to surveillance spanning different sectors has been promoted by international organisations for more than a decade and constitutes a central recommendation of the WHO action plan on AMR. The objective of the network is to develop guidance for a harmonised evaluation framework that will address the specific needs of integrated surveillance systems for AMR. Two main scientific workshops will be used to build on researchers’ experience and expertise and harmonise existing evaluation frameworks and approaches. Protocols and written guidance will be developed and made publicly available through an existing online website used for surveillance evaluation (SurvTools). Results will allow understanding of the potential value of integrated surveillance for AMR, and comparing integrated surveillance strategies across countries in order to identify the most cost-effective approaches.



Multiple research groups working on the evaluation of integrated AMR surveillance looking at different perspectives of the evaluation challenge

  • Theory of Change
  • Systems-based approaches
  • Business cases
  • Governance structures
  • Suitable metrics and measurement approaches
  • Definition of integration levels

Disconnected activities of the work of different research and implementation groups

  • Multiple frameworks
  • Disjointed recommendations for evaluation and measurement

The Goal

Compare existing frameworks and approaches for the evaluation of AMR surveillance taking an integrated perspective and elaborate guidance for their use

Our objectives

To promote knowledge exchange and peer-learning among people working on evaluation of integrated surveillance for AMR

To compare existing evaluation frameworks, approaches, methods & metrics for AMR surveillance

To identify synergies, duplication, and gaps

To select critical elements that should be part of a harmonised evaluation approach

To create a harmonised evaluation framework

To make available publicly protocols and written guidance for the harmonised evaluation approach